Nefe OgodoNefe Ogodo’s paintings are usually stylized in quintessential uniqueness, and they are playful and funny as his style combines a rich mix of expressionism and impressionism to showcase Black Africa’s beautiful heritage to the world.

Over the years, he has developed a unique style of artistry through a perfect blend of pen and ink which produces impressionistic expressions that is characterized by intricate details of figures and subject.

Ogodo does well to embellish his highly-stylized artworks with symbolic African motifs and Egyptian hieroglyphics, to depict African folk tales and rich cultural heritage and traditions in most of his paintings.

Born in Warri, in Delta State of Nigeria, Ogodo’s passion for art was ignite data very tender age, and since  then,he has not relented in his effort to register his presence in the artists’ hall of fame. Assigns of early inclination to art and the aesthetics, Ogodo filled up his exercise books with drawings while in primary school, and did paintings on the walls and car she found in his neighbourhood while growing up.

This drive led him to study art in one of Nigeria’s foremost art schools–Auchi Polytechnic, in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State of Nigeria, from the year 2005 to the year 2006, and obtained a National Diploma in Painting and General Art.

Not satisfied with the knowledge he had thus acquired, Ogodo went back to the same Auchi Polytechnic in 2009 to study Painting and graduated in 2010, having obtained a Higher National Diploma.

Nefe Ogodo has being a professional studio artist since 2010, upon graduating from the polytechnic. He is an exceptionally motivated and hardworking artist who possesses a perfect blend of dedication, competence and diligence as his key characteristics and as behavioral traits needed to make impact in today’s generation.

Nefe also enjoys painting impasto with pallet knife. He possesses a rare creative ingenuity that enables him to assemble tiny pieces of waste objects which he combines in colourful styles to produce incredible‘ eye-catchers.’ Such unusual works are the most unbelievable ways through which Nefe expresses himself.

Objects that are very likely to be found in Nefe’s collections include tiny pieces of plastics, fabrics, electronics parts and panels, credit cards, SIM cards and other uncommon items.

Nefe draws inspiration from ancient African cultures and traditions and from global trends. He is also inspired by politics, religion and the daily activities that occur in his immediate environment.

Artis my best form of communication and that is why I don’t joke with any opportunity given to pour my soul on any empty canvas or space that comes my way. My artis used to dish out auditory and visual expressions, so many hears, listens and sees. My painting of Odugbaye cultural festival for instance sent out a message that everybody comprehend. There are hardly any kinds of information and orientation that cannot be driven and propelled by art. Because artis the mother of all forms of communication and that is why it has been employed by we Africans over so many thousands of years, in handing down our traditions and cultural heritages from generation to generation.

Nefe has participated in diverse group exhibitions and in group and personal projects. One of his most prominent exhibited artworks is the mural painting beside the staircase of the Sculpture Department in Auchi Polytechnic which he painted in 2010.

Also, the new administrative building at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Adegbemile–Akure in Ondo State of Nigeria, is flanked on the left and on the right sides by Nefe’s mural art works, and it has been there since 2012.

Nefe also participated in “Timeless Treasures,” an art exhibition that was organized by the Abuja chapter of the Society of Nigerian Artists(SNA) in 2013.

His works also featured at the Imago Mundi Nigeria in 2014, and at the “Echoes from the Niger,” a group exhibition that was organized by selected artists at the Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt in 2015.

He was not left out at the Echoes from the Niger 2, another group exhibition that was staged at Asaba, Delta state in 2016.

Nefe graced the Abuja Art Walk for Peace, a mega art exhibition organized by Art CAD Abuja in 2017. He was also at one time, a guest teacher at the Summer Art School, at the Hot FM 98.3 Abuja Studio in 2017.

Nefe was also a participant at the Millennium Development Goal Art Exhibition which had the theme Setting the Pace, and which was hosted in Abuja in 2017. His works also featured at the Art and Craft Expo, an art exhibition organized by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Abuja, in 2018.

In February 14th-20th 2019 he staged a solo exhibition at Heritage Africa Village Square Abuja. The exhibition was titled; Africa is rich beyond description. The exhibition attracted so many visitors both in and outside Abuja.

Nefe also took part in the Fusion 5 art exhibition that was organized by the Cult House Limited, London at the Candid Art Trust, in Torrens street in London March 27th-March 31st 2019.

Nefe appeared as a guest artist in the 2019R identify Bikers Exhibition that took place in Tobix garden and park Abuja. Titled;One Strong Nation. October 1st 2019. He also took part in the 2020R identify Bikers Exhibition that was titled; Nigerians will thrive. October 1st 2020 in Tobix garden and park, Abuja.

Nefe currently works and resides in Abuja with his family.